Reasons Why You Should Use Emergency Evacuation Chairs in Your Business

If your business is in a building with more than one floor, you should consider purchasing at least one emergency evacuation chair. You never know when danger might break out, such as a fire, bomb threat, or electrical problems that shut off elevators. These evacuation chairs make it easy for the disabled to get to safety. Here are several reasons why you should consider these chairs:

Helps People Who Can’t Move Fast

These chairs make it easy for disabled people to get to safety in a time of need. Whether the person is in a wheelchair or uses a cane, the chair will help. You can use these chairs to help others, too, such as pregnant women who can’t run. Anyone who has trouble moving quickly to exit a building with a fire or other dangerous situation will benefit from one of these emergency chairs.


Only Require One Person

Heavy wheelchairs often require a couple pairs of hands to lift it and the person in it down a set of stairs. This actually slows down the escape and puts more people in danger during a bad situation. An evacuation chair only requires one person. The chair is designed to carry the majority of the weight. These chairs can hold up to 500 pounds while the operators feels like they are only carrying the light weight of the chair itself.

The person in the chair is strapped in place for safety so there is no risk of the person falling out or trying to escape in fear. Even if the person is twisting in fear to get away, the operator will be able to keep the chair steady and move it easily down the stairs to safety.


Safer Than Elevators

During an emergency, it isn’t always safe to use the elevators. There is always the chance that the elevator could stop working or fall during use. You have no control over the elevator, but you do have control over the chair. It’s also important to have the chair as a backup in case the elevators stop working due to electrical problems.


Cheaper Than Emergency Elevators

Emergency elevators are designed to work during an emergency by using the weight of the people inside to move the elevator down. These work when electricity isn’t available, but can still be dangerous during a fire. They are also expensive to install. Emergency chairs are low cost and easy to use.


Evacuation chairs can save lives during an emergency. They also fulfill government emergency requirements. Choose these chairs to make you customers and employees feel safe.

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